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AR-15 Extended Bolt Catch Release Lever

Specifications: Features: Mil-Spec Ambidextrous 6061-T6 Aluminum Black Anodized finish Fits: AR-15

Anodizing Parts Kits

Specifications: Anodizing Parts Kits 1.ambi mag release 2.forward assist buffer tube 4.end plate and castle 5.AR15 dust cover 6.ambi safety 7.ambi charging handle 8.trigger guard 9.mlok handguards(7 10 12 15")

MTS0130--AR-15 8 Colors Free Float Mlok Handguard

Specifications: Tactical 8 Colors AR15 Free Float MlokHandguard 7 10 12 15 Inch M4 Rifle AR 15 Hunting Accessories AR-15 Handguard NOTE: Due to the nature of the anodization process, colors from batch to batch may vary. Features: 1.57” internal diameter for suppressor compatibility M-LOK compatible Ambidextrous QD socket placement Built in anti-rotation feature Reinforced steel barrel nut and bolt included

MTS8265--AR15 Colored Mil-Spec Enhanced Lower Parts Kit

Specifications: Mil-Spec Enhanced AR15 Lower Parts Kit    The AR-15 Lower Kit include everything you'll need to put together a well-functioning and sleek ar receiver. Not Include Trigger and Hammer. Complete Kit Includes: AR-15 Ambi Safety Selector Lever -1 pc - Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze- Aluminium AR-15 Safety Spring and Detent pin -1 set - Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze   AR-15 Magazine Catch Kit with mag catch, release button and spring -1 set - Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze - Aluminium AR-15 Bolt Catch Assembly Kit with Plunger, Spring & Roll Pin -1 set - Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze  - Aluminium 223 308 Buffer Tube Detent Plunger & Retainer Spring -1 set AR-15 Takedown Pin & Pivot Pin -1 Pcs - Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze AR-15 Takedown/Pivot Pin Detents & Springs -2 sets  - Aluminium AR-15 Hammer & Trigger Pin -1 set  AR-15 Hammer Spring -1 pc AR-15 Trigger Spring -1 pc AR-15 Disconnector & Spring -1 set AR-15 Aluminum Custom Enhanced Trigger Guard Assembly With 3 Screws -1 set -Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze - Aluminium   PLS NOTE:The AR15 lower Parts Kit Not Include Trigger and Hammer.

MTS7045--AR-15 Raptor Ambidextrous Colored Charging Handle

Specifications:MTS7045-COLORS--Raptor Ambidextrous Ambi Charging Handle AR15 1.Standard AR-15 charging handle body with Raptor ambidextrous latch installed 2.Mil-Spec 3.6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum 4.Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze 5.Smooth Operation under Extreme Conditions 6.Fits: AR-15 .223 Rifles

MTS7035--AR-15 Colored Charging Handle Assembly - Standard Latch

Specifications: AR-15 223 Colorful Charging Handle Assembly - Standard Latch 1.Mil-Spec 2.Material: 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum 3.Smoothest Operation under Extreme Conditions 4.Included: Handle, latch, pin and spring 5.Colors:Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze 6.Weight: 1.4 oz 7.Fits: AR-15 .223 Rifles

MTS2015--AR-15 Mil-Spec Colored 6 Position Carbine Buffer Tube Assembly Kit

Specifications: MTS2015--AR-15 Mil-Spec Colored 6-Position Carbine Buffer Tube Kit 1.Mil-Spec 6-Position carbine buffer tube 2.Black Carbine buffer - 3oz 3.Stainless Steel Carbine buffer spring 4.Ambi Aluminum end plate 5.Aluminum castle nut 6.Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze 7.Fits:Mil-Spec .223 Rifles

MTS2030--AR-15 Colored Pistol Buffer Tube Kit

Specifications: Tactical AR15 Mil-spec Pistol Buffer Tube Kit   1.Mil-Spec Standard fixed position pistol buffer tube - T6-6061 Aluminum   2.Black carbine buffer - 3oz   3.Stainless steel Carbine buffer spring   4.End plate   5.Castle nut   6.Black Textured foam buffer pad   7.Fits: .223 Pistol Rifles

MTS2033--AR-15 Colored Customs Pistol Buffer Tube Assembly

Specifications: AR 15 Mil-spec Pistol Buffer Tube Assembly Kit AR15 1.Mil-Spec Standard pistol buffer tube - T6-6061 Aluminum 2.Black buffer - 3oz 3.Stainess Steel Carbine buffer spring 4.End plate 5.Castle nut 6.Black Textured foam buffer pad 7.Fits: .223 Pistol

MTS2070--Mil-Spec Colored 6-Position Collapsible Carbine Buffer Tube

Specifications: Mil-Spec Colors 6-Position Collapsible Carbine Buffer Tube 1.Mil-Spec 2.Material:CNC machined T6-6061 aluminum 3.Fits most adjustable buttstocks 4.Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze 5.Length: 7.1875" 6.Fits: AR-15/AR-10

MTS2076--Colored Customs Pistol Buffer Tube

Specifications: MTS2076--AR-10/AR-15 Custom Made Mil-Spec Pistol-Gun Buffer Tube-Colors 1.T6-6061 aluminum 2.Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze 3.Stays in Place with its Anti-Rotation and Anti Thrust Design 4.Compatible: SHOCKWAVE Blade and Standard AR-15 5.Length: 7.1875" 6.Fits: AR-15

MTS8128--AR Colors Ambidextrous Magazine Catch Assembly

Specifications:MTS8128--AR Colors Ambidextrous Magazine Catch Assembly This AR Mag Release Catch allow both LEFT Handed user change magazine like a RIGHT Handed user. Deplaces original magazine catch for ambidextrous use. 1.Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum 2.Color: Black/Red/Blue/Purple/Bronze/Silver/OD Green/Orange/FDE 3.High quality CNC machine 4.Mil-Spec Ambi AR Mag Release 5.Fits: .223 and .308 Rifles

MTS8110--AR Colored Forward Assist Assembly

Specifications:MTS8110--AR Mil-Spec Forward Assist Assembly 1.Our Mil-Spec Forward Assist Kit comes complete and ready to install 2.Red/Blue/Purple/Bronze/Silver/OD Green/Orange/FDE 3.Includes: Plunger Spring Retainer Pin 4.Fits:223 and 308 Rifles

MTS8115--AR-15 Colored Ejection port cover Assembly - Aluminum

Specifications: 1. Ejection Port Cover Door (Dust cover) Made by Aluminum 2. Steel Spring 3. Steel Rod 4. C-Clamp 5. Red/Blue/Purple/Bronze/Silver/OD Green/Orange/FDE 6. Fits: AR-15 .223 Rifles

Aluminum Magazine Catch Assembly - Anodizing

Specifications: Aluminum Magazine Catch Assembly - Anodizing 1.This is our standard Mil-Spec AR Magazine Catch Kit   2.Included is the mag catch, release button and spring   3.Red/Blue/Purple/Silver/Orange/OD Green/FDE/Bronze   4.Includes: Magazine Catch Magazine Catch Button Magazine Catch Spring   5.Fits:AR15/AR10

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